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King Federer: to surprise myself, but now I have the body enjoy a rest

What else would also have 35-year old tennis gentleman say? That's how (not) return to toe, should be the central theme of 2017. The targeted mainly at Wimbledon; so that after the first six months had a decent starting position.

Decent? It's admirable. A great!

"It was like a dream," says Federer his balance 19-1, which makes it clearly the best tennis player since the New Year. "I'm very happy that nothing serious happened. My body responded well.The whole thing is a wish fulfilled. "Home

A including three victories over arch-rival Rafael Nadal - final win 6: 3, 6: 4 in Miami it underscored.

"Surprise myself that it tramples on like this," he smiled, "maestro" while talking on the court. "It's amazing that I'm now in Indian Wells and here succeeded double. I beat his longtime rival, was played in a great atmosphere, I managed to perform very good tennis. "

closest to the Artistic cycling disrupted, was finally on both tournaments in the USA Tomáš Berdych, who in quarterfinals Miami did not use even match points (Federer reactions here). Neither he ultimately failed.Watch how legendary Swiss in 35 years much farther and farther improved, it is like looking back through time.

"Sunshine double've recently mastered 11 years ago," he said. "Then I Miami Open final played against Ivan Ljubicic, his coach today…It was a really long way, huh?" Home

No doubt. And at least, they are not proper parties, but especially in the first place proper rest. "I take the body lately quite a lot," said Federer. "What do you expect from me on clay? Not really. Only the French Open. I need more time off, I have to let your body rest. "

It looks like a perfectly chosen strategy.Federer operated knee betrayed, he chose pronounced tournament participation in the introductory passage of the season - and beat who could.

"It's certainly not that I would come home after the tournament and took a hot shower. It is for that a lot of exercise, stretching, massage, good sleep, "he says. "I need to take care of your body with the utmost professionalism. So, I woke up every morning - and was ready to do their best. "Home

That definitely is not. Opponents led by Nadal's only testify.

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