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SC Heerenveen - SBV Excelsior 2:1

Heerenveen confirmed front of their own fans favorite role, however, to win over Excelsior quite worked hard. Guests did not show at the Abe Lenstra Stadion not a bad performance, although arrived weakened some of their support, and even after mid-deserved lead. But in the second half for the home match they turned on their side.

Rotterdam whole until now kept a good balance of three matches without defeat. Now, although he had to do without Hichama Faik and Mike van Duinen, without two offensive workhorses, even though especially in the first half for the favorite ahead severely fired up. But at least the profit eventually Hearts followed the recent win over Go Ahead Eagles.

Already in the 13th minute after escaping the defense by great vertical Hasselbaink, of course, landed positions failed in the end, Mulder goalie direction his attempt captured him and took off the crossbar. Eleven minutes before the end SBV vykombinoval great opponent in midfield, from afar, then extended his Karami, and Mulder was among three rods again had to do.

Four minutes before the turnaround came a comeuppance for Heerenveen, who worked on the pitch languid and inactive, and has not been able to forge the only serious possibility. Bijker played very badly in the penalty area by hand, Judge van Boekel showed little strictly on the white dot, and ordered a penalty playfully turned Hasselbaink.

In the cab home team had the pause seemed to fall a bit sharper words. That's impressive and certainly never imagined. But entry into the second half was a dream of his party. Zeneli in the penalty area pushed the ball Larsson, whose pumelicĂ­ burned everything in its path, including vainly defending goalkeeper Muyterse.

Excelsior is then pulled back and more focused on defending a tie. This tactic has been quite successful. So until the 79th minute when we had a critical hit heerenveenskĂ˝. Larsson originally intended to be centered within the standard situation, but eventually the ball to the surprise of everyone happily plunged into the network.

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